Very Rare "Unicorn": 2005 Toyota Sienna with complete Braun mobility conversion
Miles: 129,000 (Toyota fans know that these routinely have a 300-400 thousand mile life span)
Price: $19,900
This will be sold in "Certified" condition, which includes a valuable drivetrain warranty

Note about my experience with this van: I personally drove this apx 1,000 miles after buying it, to get it to our location. This included going through heavy snow, some temp's in the 20's, plus hours of being stuck in snow-weather-traffic. I also had some 80 MPH highway driving in the Nevada dessert. Through all of that, it was reliable and felt solid and comfortable. Of course, that was before performing any of our extensive Rejuvenation process, which will now occur.

Note about wheelchair van "Unicorns": In the used wheelchair van industry Toyota Sienna's and Honda Odyssey's are sometimes referred to as "Unicorns". The reason for this is that some folks needing a wheelchair van in a certain price range (under $25,000) decent miles and in excellent condition hear that these Japanese models exist, hope that they exist, and wish for one to come along that they can see and buy. However, in the real-world market, they virtually don't exist. The reason for this is because firstly, they are more expensive when new than other models and so only a very small percentage of new vans buyers spring for the extra cost for one. Secondly, because of that fact, nearly every person who does own one of these models has people who know them who say..."if you are ever in the mode of selling this van, please let me know and I will buy it". Therefore, if Toyota Sienna's or Honda Odysseys are in a certain price range, they rarely make it to the open market. This fact of the marketplace causes these vans to often be referred to as..."Unicorns". This explains why after 12 years of owning this business, this is one of only a handful of these elusive Unicorns I have been able to...capture.

General Description
This began as a well-equipped "LE" model with the wonderful 3.3-liter VvT-i (strong, incredibly reliable, mid-20's MPG) 6 cylinder motor. This van includes comfortable features such as: deluxe cloth interior; power drivers seat; power windows, locks and mirrors; tilt and cruise; CD and cassette stereo system; power rear hatch; and more. It also has desirable options such as...rear ventilation; alloys; overhead trip computer in the front ceiling area

Mobility and Adaptive Features
When new, the industry leader, "Braun", converted this van. The lowered floor mobility conversion package is called..."RampVan. The wonderful, extensive, helpful package of features includes these items:

* Power ramp out the passenger side door. This "in floor" ramp (this is the optional, most desirable style of ramp) allows for nearly any wheelchair and person to go in and out. And when it is stowed, it does not impede the doorway whatsoever.

* Power sliding passenger side door. This operates in conjunction with the ramp and the "kneeling " suspension.

* "Kneeling" suspension. This sweet feature causes the van to lower several inches in the rear, which notably reduces the ramp angle, and makes going in and out smoother, easier, safer.

* Easily removable front seats. In a matter of seconds, you can flip a lever and remove or install either of the front seats.

* Many various locations for inserting anchor straps in the floor, for securing a wheelchair.

* Mobility conversion functions can be operated either with wireless remote, or via switches in various locations.

* This extensive conversion package includes wireless remote control, for operation of the ramp, door and suspension.

* Has a special feature that some folks need for safety reasons, if they have weak upper body strength. This is a device that assists the steering, so that in case of a power/steering failure (such as running out of gas) this van can easily be steered for whatever time is needed in order to coast to a safe location. Without this feature, if the engine were to quit running, or if the power steering were to fail for any reason (on any vehicle), it would be hard to steer.

Note: I frequently have people who call or write to me and ask if I have a Honda or Toyota wheelchair van. I usually tell them the "Unicorn story" as I wrote above. I am very happy to have this Sienna to offer. Based on my years of experience and the number of requests I get for a Honda or Toyota, it seems that it will be spoken for very quickly.


Preliminary Photos

IMPORTANT INFO: these are "preliminary" photos, which show the van prior to Rejuvenation. Flaws will be cared for During our rejuvenation process

Sorry for not yet having ramp or interior photos: when these photos were taken (before any rejuvenation) there was a glitch causing both slider doors to not open. We will get more photos one day soon. Feel free to call with any questions.

"Preliminary" image. Final Images coming soon

"Preliminary" image. Final Images coming soon

"Preliminary" image. Final Images coming soon
Congratulations, you found a very nice, “Certified’ (with warranty) and affordably priced, Toyota Wheelchair van. Plus, it happens to have been highly converted by the worlds largest mobility conversion company. This is likely to be Reserved soon after this listing is posted. Please call with any questions. Thank you, Rick


Rejuvenation has begun: I have recently acquired this van and the extensive rejuvenation process has begun, which is carried-out by various professional shops and specialists. If you are interested in securing this van for your future purchase (many of my vans are spoken for in this way prior to completion of rejuvenation) please feel free to call or mail me with any questions


NOTE: I am always searching for more vans which are a nice addition to the mix of vans we have to offer. I will post initial information here about each van as I purchase, transform, and then make them available for sale. From the time I purchase a van until my transformation process is completed, averages approximately 4-6 weeks.

Please visit this page periodically.

Thank you,