1999 Dodge "Shorty" with fancy cruising/touring conversion and exceptional mobility features, including the very best (and most rare) model of lift
MILES 68,000 (total, actual miles)
Price: $13,900
This van will be sold in "Certified" condition, which includes a valuable drivetrain warranty

* Short body wheelchair vans are super rare and are desirable because they are easier to park and maneuver...and they look kinda cute! Ford and Dodge quit making short length vans in the early 90's and Dodge stopped in 2005. As for wheelchair vans, very few short length vans were converted into W/C vans. Yes, this van is special.

General Description
This began as a rare and desirable short body (same length as a minivan!) half ton, 1500 series. Has a large 6 cylinder (3.9 liter) and automatic. Before the fancy conversion described below, it included a nice list of features such as: power windows, locks and mirrors; tilt and cruise; stereo; etc.

When new, this received a quality touring/cruising conversion by the major, national-caliber convertor by the name of, Mark 3. This interior and exterior conversion includes such interior features as: moderately tall, nicely contoured and styled roof; large tinted windows with vents; chrome bumpers and grill; custom graphics/stripes; chrome wheels; upgraded interior and exterior trim; extra lighting; big storage shelf above front passenger and driver area; plus more

Mobility and Adaptive Features
When new, this received an extensive package of mobility features. These are the primary components:

* Moderately tall doors and corresponding roof notch: this creates the extra entry clearance, which some folks must have. For folks in wheelchairs, who don't absolutely require it, because they can duck, slouch, lean or tilt as they enter...its still a nice feature to have as it makes going in and out easier. Plus, it makes access/egress for able- bodied folks much nicer as well.

* Has the most awesome lift ever created, which is my personal favorite mobility device: Braun UVL (under vehicle lift). This has a whopping capacity of 800 pounds and a wide, long platform, which will accommodate even very large wheelchairs and their occupants. When stowed, this lift creates zero blockage or impedance of the van whatsoever.

* Special custom floor: NEW: this will have one of my favorite improvements on wheelchair vans, which is very helpful to the person in the wheelchair and able-bodied folks as well. I actually consider this feature to be an improvement that most wheelchair vans ought to have, old or new. You see, if you pay close attention to how floors typically are in personal use wheelchair vans, you will notice that they are usually not actually solid, smooth and level. Rather, they are somewhat lumpy, bumpy and not as easy to maneuver a wheelchair on as they can be. This is because the factory metal floor of a van is not actually smooth, it has ridges and contours...plus has a carpet pad which wheelchair wheels sink into a bit, creating resistance to maneuvering. Based on my specifications and design, we greatly improve the original floor treatment by removing the existing carpet and pad and then installing a sheet of wood directly over the lumpy, bumpy, contoured metal floor. And thus, it became a smooth, solid, level floor. And then a fantastic type of commercial rubber-like flooring will be used to cover the wood. This material is tough, and easy to clean. This van will have this new flooring package, which notably improves the interior use of the van. Most importantly, it is a super surface to maneuver a wheelchair on.

* Floor anchors: has multiple locations of slots in the floor that anchor straps can be inserted into. Includes four, quality anchor straps.


It is true that this van is not super modern, but considering this classic Dodge body style (nearly same from early-90's, until mid-2000's) and very desirable tall doors and rare (only apx 10% of vans have this model lift, because it's nearly double cost of common lifts) model of lift that most folks love, and top it off with wonderfully low miles...this is an awesome van! And another nice and rare bonus is that it is the short body, which literally is the same length as most modern minivans. Super van, affordable price. Finally...it will be in our usual high-level of "Certified" condition, cosmetically and functionally, with warranty. Each of our vans receives this treatment, regardless of the price.

Preliminary Photos

IMPORTANT INFO: these are "preliminary" photos, which show the van prior to Rejuvenation. Flaws will be cared for During our rejuvenation process

Big windows with vents for sweet visibility and air flow

Large, long and wide platform accommodates even long and wide wheelchairs, plus it is rated up to 800 pounds!

"Preliminary" image. Final Images coming soon

very desirable tall doors, create generous entry/exit clearance

This seat folds flat

"Preliminary" image. Final Images coming soon

Super awesome lift ($11,000 cost when new) creates zero blockage of doorway, when lift is stowed.

Rejuvenation has begun: I have recently acquired this van and the extensive rejuvenation process has begun, which is carried-out by various professional shops and specialists. If you are interested in securing this van for your future purchase (many of my vans are spoken for in this way prior to completion of rejuvenation) please feel free to call or mail me with any questions


NOTE: I am always searching for more vans which are a nice addition to the mix of vans we have to offer. I will post initial information here about each van as I purchase, transform, and then make them available for sale. From the time I purchase a van until my transformation process is completed, averages approximately 4-6 weeks.

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