What’s so special about a ‘Rick’s Rejuvenated’ van?

They look, feel and perform as if they were much newer…but at a more affordable price

Hello, thank you so much for visiting and reading. I offer vans which represent the best value for your dollar available. And I do all I can to ensure that you to have a wonderful shopping and buying experience as well. Now… about these vans.

About how they look: I am proud and grateful to hear things like, “it looks even better in-person than it did in the pictures...,” or, ”I’ve never seen a wheelchair van for this price that looks so nice.” The reason is because I invest more time, effort and money than anyone else to make these vans look absolutely beautiful. Here is some of what I do to accomplish this;

Extreme cleaning: each of these receives the highest level ‘detail’ available. The result is paint that shines, glass that sparkles, chrome that gleams, carpet that looks fresh and fabrics and upholstery that look like they’ve just had a makeover!

Paint sealant treatment: in order to lock in that fresh new shine, a premium, long-lasting sealant is applied. This is the same product which new car dealers charge many hundreds of dollars for. It makes the paint last longer, wash easier and protects from various harmful elements.

Extra goodies: folks who have a need for the functionality of a wheelchair van also want one that is nice to look at. I do my best to buy vans that have that ‘extra something’. And if they don’t come with it, I add it! Custom graphics, striping, fancy interiors, nice wheels, real wood trim, body-kits and tinted windows are just some of the ‘extra-goodies’ my vans have.

About how they feel: We’ve all felt it and we like it. You know, the feeling when you are in and around a vehicle that makes you feel good about being in it and driving it. That’s what happens here. I hear comments from folks such as, “Wow, a wheelchair van that doesn’t feel like a big ugly box...” or, ”My mom is going to like this, because she likes nice things.” So, what do I do to help this feeling happen?

Eliminate odors: Some people are very affected by scents and smells, and others just want to be sure they don’t smell strong things like smoke or animal odors. You’ll smell no bad smells in my vans. First, I don’t buy vans that have bad smells. And I do whatever is needed with every van to make it clean, deodorized and freshened. You’ll smell things like leather, or wood, or nothing at all.

The intangibles: what makes a vehicle ‘feel’ a certain way is hard to describe. Sometimes the right ‘feel’ is a result of a certain detail such as replacing a worn item or maybe it will have some extra zip if I add a stripe, a new stereo, or nice floor mats. I always care about doing what I can to accomplish not only quality function…but the right ‘feel’.

Benefits of fewer miles: Nearly 40 years ago my family began buying and selling vehicles with below and far below average yearly miles. One of the benefits of a vehicle having low or very low miles is that it simply feels better. It rides smoother, seats are more comfortable and there are less rattles, squeaks and groans. We all know what happens as we get more miles on our chassis…and what it was like when we had less!

About how they perform: For people in need of a wheelchair van, this is the most important element of all. I realize that no matter how your van looks or feels it must be reliable, dependable, safe and secure and do what you need it to do--well. It is my mission and commitment to only sell vans which are ready to go to work for you, performing as you need without worry or concern. So here’s what I do to make sure you have a van you can trust;

Inspected and serviced: each van has had an extensive check-up of its original equipment, such as the engine, transmission, brakes, exhaust, steering, suspension, fluids, emissions systems, tires, lights and much more. My standard is not simply to accept what the law and rules require of me. I invest in making the van better. For example, if the professionals tell me the brakes are legal but thin, I replace them… and if the tires are o.k. but need replacement soon, I change them… and if the radiator is acceptable, but has coolant that is dirty, I have it serviced. These vans are travel-ready, for sure.

Mobility technician: In addition to the mechanical items mentioned above, I have a special process for the adaptive & mobility features. You see, no matter if these components seems to function fine when I get the van, I have them adjusted, serviced and if need, repaired, by a specialized professional who is an expert in this refined niche. You can rest assured that the mobility components are not only functioning nicely, but you can expect them to do so well into the future.

If you need additions or changes: I consult with folks every day about their needs and the process of shopping for a wheelchair van in a certain price-range. And of course everyone hopes to find the van that does and is everything they want and need for the price they can afford. I understand this and am extra happy when I have a van that fully suits a persons needs without modifications or add-ons. Due to the unique nature of each person’s family and their mobility needs, oftentimes even a well equipped used van needs some changes in order to best meet the needs. In the spirit of this, I suggest keeping close in mind the relative cost, rarity and importance of each feature.

What most folks discover when shopping in this price-range is that their focus needs to be on finding a van that covers the biggest needs, which is usually related to the type and location (rear or side) of lift and how much entry/exit and interior clearance does it have. Beyond those big elements, there are many other items that are relatively easy and have manageable prices. These can be added, changed or modified. An example of these secondary items might be; transfer seats, interior seating arrangements and wheelchair locks. And although I don’t sell and install such features, I can consult with you about them. And I work closely with a wonderful expert here in Medford who can sell and install such items for you. You can also take the van you buy from me to any number of experts in your area who sell and install such features that you may want or need. The end result is that you get a wonderful van for a fraction of the cost for a new one.

In conclusion:

Thank you for taking time to learn about the valuable and unique benefits of a ‘Ricks Rejuvenated’ van. I realize there is an underserved group of folks who want and need a nice wheelchair van in a certain price-range with a certain set of miles. My focus, commitment and goal each day is to do my very best to be of humble service to each of these people who finds me.

Thank you very much,

Rick Bohr