Wheelchair Van Oasis, Wheel Chair Lifts & Ramps, Medford, OR

Here are some informational type videos we created, to better assist you in your pursuit of the right wheelchair van. Below are questions you may have asked, but also likely there are questions presented here that you didn't know you needed to ask. Please rely on our years and years of experience with wheelchair vans, and watch the videos below that addresses your most pressing questions. One important note on these videos...much that is contained in these videos are timeless and will always be helpful and true. With that said, there may be an element here and there that may have changed since filming these videos in 2016. If you have any questions regarding the content, we are happy to talk to you.


Introduction to this page

Financing a Wheelchair Van

Minivan vs Full Size van

Capacity and strength of lifts and ramps

Entry clearance and headroom for wheelchair occupants

Makes and models of wheelchair vans

Anchoring a wheelchair in the van

Transferring seats within the van

Van ground clearance

Van seating capacity

Putting a wheelchair in the front of the van

Thoughts on resale value

Personal use vs Commercial use

Mobility extras: Wants vs Needs

Programs to help you buy a wheelchair van

Promotional video