Consign Your Van

What is consignment? Simply put, enlisting me to sell your van for you. When it sells you would receive a pre-determined amount of money. Any amount in excess of that is what I earn in exchange for my efforts, ad costs, etcetera.

Why consign your wheelchair van with me? Because this is a very narrow niche and very few professionals are experts in this niche. And only a small number of those take consignments. I am uniquely positioned to garner a great amount of exposure for your van. And because I have extensive experience preparing, marketing and selling wheelchair vans, a 'retail' selling price results. This allows for you to receive fair value and for me to be compensated for my time, expense and expertise. On the other hand, if you try to sell it from your home it will usually take longer (with much effort on your part) and will likely result in less money in your pocket.

Is consignment for you? Very possibly. If when your vehicle sells you can put as much or more money in your pocket than if you had invested your own time, effort and ad costs, would that be good for you? And what if you were to actually end up with a bit less in your pocket, but you did not have to do any preparing of the van, placing ads, answering calls and never had to show it...would that still be good for you?

If any of this seems like something you're interested in, here are some points about how I can help you and why I believe my consignment process is good for you.

  • I have less than 10 vans for sale at any time: as a result, every one gets a lot of attention from me before and during marketing. This leads to getting your vehicle sold in reasonable time for a 'retail' price.

  • Wheelchair van shoppers come to me for high quality: if your vehicle currently is a 'gem' (relative to age, miles and price range) or has what I consider to be great potential, it will do well here. Why? Because I sell quality vans for premium prices. That is my specialty. If after seeing your vehicle I offer to consign it, you will have great exposure to the right buyers and I will get it sold.

  • Advertising and focused marketing gets results: My focus and expertise is selling wheelchair vans. I advertise locally, regionally and nationally. This is necessary in order to sell a van such as yours for a retail price. My broad and costly ad campaign gets response from the potential buyers you need.

  • People like interacting with the business owner, rather than a salesperson: because wheelchair vans are such a specialty item, it takes a person with expertise in this area to effectively not only sell your van, but to be sure it is suits the needs of the interested person. I have no salespeople and no one answers my phone except me.

  • I am personally very motivated to get your van sold: this is a small business and is my livelihood. Because of this, I work very hard every day. In the great tradition of small business people, I consider it my mission to 'earn' every penny that comes my way. This means that I will work hard to get your van sold.

  • Proud to be Mr. Nice Guy: you can rest assured that I will represent you and your van with utmost truth and respect. It is important to me to follow a couple of old adages. One is that I 'do as I say and say as I do' at all times. And I also follow 'the golden rule'. If you do business with me I promise you an experience you will feel good about from start to finish. I can't fix the wrongs done by decades of dealers and salespeople acting improperly, but I can promise you that I will do all I can to treat you and the eventual buyer of your van well. And I’ll get you the agreed upon amount of money in your pocket as soon as possible.

If you're interested in talking to me about any of this, I would love to hear from you. Here's what the next steps are;

1) Please call me and we can chat about your circumstances and the details about your van.

2) Next, I spend an hour or more doing extensive research as to what I believe the true market value of your van is which leads to my knowing how much I can commit to paying you after the sale. Because there are no value-guides for wheelchair vans, my research process and past experience is valuable in order to determine fair value. I also consider what reconditioning I think your vehicle needs in order to prepare it to my high standards for retail sale.

3) If after hearing my consignment proposal you would like me to sell it for you, we sign a simple agreement and get your van here. Then, I go to work for you. When it sells I happily send you a cashier’s check for the amount we have agreed upon.

I hope this has been helpful. Please feel free to call or write anytime with any questions.


Rick Bohr