Commercial Lease:
Grade-A Warehouse/shop/showroom with 2 offices---2,500 sq. ft. (+400 sq. ft. of storage area above offices)---please see and read extensive details below
Rate: $2,700 per month

Details of the 2,500 square feet:
ADA showroom/warehouse/shop is 2,150 sq. ft. - one ADA office is 150 sq. ft - one non-ADA office is 150 sq. ft - ADA restroom is 50 sq. ft.

Storage Bonus
400 sq. ft. heavy-duty storage area above the offices and restroom, with 10-12 foot sloping ceiling

Minimum one year, possible multiple years...

Up-front costs
First, last, plus security deposit

6034 Crater Lake Ave, Central Point, Or, 97502 (available space is the east half of the entire building)

Versatile GC (General Commercial) includes long list of permissible uses. One of the most versatile zoning codes in Rogue Valley area.

Modern building
Apx 20 years old. Among a community of apx 10 acres that includes a few dozen similar buildings. Most are owner-occupied.

Commercial Duplex
Designed and built when new to be a business duplex. Separate meters and substantial divider wall between the two sides. Divider extension in front of the building, marks a separation of the two areas/businesses. Interior of entire building has the divider wall constructed with two rollup doors back-to-back and two man-doors, back-to-back. Similar arrangement to typical adjoining hotel rooms. These doors create security and a major sound barrier/buffer.

Home of Wheelchair Van Oasis
My wife and I own this building and business. We are simplifying and downsizing our business and are now utilizing only the west half. If you are interested in knowing the nature of our business, please visit our website at: (we are proud to have an A+ BBB rating, after 12 years)

* Dedicated/designated parking: there is parking for this space which we will dedicate/designate as being for the use of this space. There will be 3 striped spaces directly in front of the main office, plus the notable area along the curb on the east side of the building, which is large enough for several vehicle to park.

* Doors: one steel man door for entry into the showroom/warehouse/shop…one steel man door for access into the front office…giant 12x16 foot roll up door with power operation and wireless remote

* Bonus Storage area (not included in the 2,500 foot calculation): 400 sq. ft. with solid decking and strong framing support underneath. This area has apx 10-12 feet (sloping) of clear space from the deck to the ceiling

* Alarm system: windows & doors are armed and service provided by SOS alarm. System/service is included in the lease

* Both offices have their own independently adjustable heat and A/C

* 25 foot peak ceiling height in showroom/warehouse/shop

* Fan in the end wall for exhausting heat and fumes

* Fully insulated walls and ceiling throughout

* Fully painted showroom/warehouse/shop

* Showroom/warehouse/shop has large natural gas heater, with digital, programmable thermostat

* Fully fenced with barbed wire and locking gate

* Freshly sealed parking lot

* LED lighting for parking lot

* Multiple locations of 220 power access in the building

* Showroom/warehouse/shop window is 4x6 feet with and slider opening and screen

* Back-to-back roll up interior door and man-door between the two sides of the building. They will be locked with insulation sandwiched between, for temperature and sound insulation

* Awning: the currently vacant awning will be available for the dedicated signage use of the new tenant


This space is modern, compared to most buildings with similar zoning in this region, with extensive desirable amenities and is in fantastic condition, inside and out, cosmetically and functionally. Calm, quality neighborhood that is neither loud nor congested. And yet, this property is only minutes from major retail stores, restaurants, and the primary business and services in the area. This is apx. 8 minutes from the I-5 entry/exit at Central Point.


This space is not available for: most cannabis or things related; moderate or heavy manufacturing; business that routinely creates toxic odors or excessive noise; routinely operating throughout the night/graveyard hours

E-mail us to inquire about this property


Many photos

Please visit the website for our business (which occupies the half of this building that is not available) to see dozens of photos, with descriptive captions. We very much appreciate your interest. Please, no phone calls.

Click image to enlarge

Awning has LED lights underneath that are set on automatic to be on when dark times

We use, and park, on the right side, all parking on left side is dedicated to the Lease space

We staged this photo to show the amount of parking area that is included. This shows 7 vehicles, all but one is medium and large sizes, plus a large motorcycle. These are not all super close to each other, PLUS there is generous space to drive in and out of the roll up door.

Click image to enlarge

Notice the entry area by the man-door in the right of this photo.

Lots of light and you can see the size of the room, by using our employee for scale

Click image to enlarge

Click image to enlarge

Fully insulated modern building, and its immaculate

These doors are “mirrored” on the other side of the building by identical doors, which have block foam insulation sandwiched in between and locks on all the doors.

Giant 12x16 door with remote operated power opener

Apx 400 square feet of storage with 10-12 foot sloped ceiling. This is solid decking with sturdy support under it.

Click image to enlarge

Alarm system and service cost is included with lease. Plus, see the digital thermostat for the gas overhead heater

View when entering front office

View when going from shop/warehouse/showroom area, into front office

This shows apx 2/3 of the front office. Upon new tenant moving in, this office will be fully vacant.

More front office

More front office. Notice the small entry area toward the left, with package shelf. Notice the ductless HVAC unit on the wall, was new 3 years ago, with remote.

More front office

Manual and remote switches for roll up door

Entry area for showroom/shop/warehouse

220 power hookup near one corner

220 and 110 power hookup near another corner

Not too loud, lots of thermostat controlled heat, pretty efficient

Awesome lights and peak exhaust fan

Fully insulated modern building, which is immaculate

#2 office. 3 pieces of matching furniture included

A/C unit for this #2 office

#2 office heater

#2 office

Click image to enlarge

Click image to enlarge

ADA bathroom

Cabinet included

ADA restroom with storage cabinet

Fenced, gated with wire on top. Landscaped entry.