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Dateline February 1:   

To all new visitors:  I thank you very much for your interest and welcome you to contact me with any questions. I am grateful for all who continue to be interested in the "Certified' vans we offer here. Your inquiries and purchases in January have certainly started our new year off with a BANG!

To all who attempted to contact me during the past couple of weeks and were unable to reach me:  please accept my apology. Due to having a record month of inquiries (plus acquiring several fresh vans) causing me to be incredibly busy, and some technical difficulties...my quality of communication was not at my usual standard.  Actually, it is possible that your mail, text or voice mail was lost?  If you have not heard back from me, please do contact me again.  I promise I will get back to you soon, if you don't reach me directly.

For the above reasons I am extending my two January bonuses, as you see below...

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We're beginning the new year by making you this special offer:

Rick's Happy New Year Bonus Notice!

Bonus #1 any van purchased or "Optioned" in the month of January now extended to February 16th will include 6 months/6,000 miles of additional warranty, added to the normally included "Certified" warranty

Bonus #2 any van purchased or "Optioned" in the month of January now extended to February 16th is eligible for 1/2 price delivery


def- Rejuvenate: (verb) restore to a former state; undergo a renewal of youthfulness; give new vigor to

Each Wheelchair Van Oasis van, regardless of age or price, undergoes a substantial functional and cosmetic rejuvenation process. Typically, we invest several thousand dollars per van into this process. Please know that our most affordable "Certified" vans receive the same special treatment as the others.On average, 9 local businesses participate in the restorative path of each pre-owned van. The result is an affordable van that is beautiful, reliable and unmatched, as it meets or exceeds "Certified" designation standards and includes a warranty.

If you're seeking an exceptional wheelchair van at an affordable price, you've now found it.

Testimonials: to see videos of customers sharing about their van and experience, please click here.

For extensive information regarding our "Certified" program, please click here.

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