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def- Rejuvenate: (verb) restore to a former state; undergo a renewal of youthfulness; give new vigor to

Each Wheelchair Van Oasis van, regardless of age or price, undergoes a substantial functional and cosmetic rejuvenation process. Typically, we invest several thousand dollars per van into this process. Please know that our most affordable "Certified" vans receive the same special treatment as the others.  On average, 9 local businesses participate in the restorative path of each pre-owned van. The result is an affordable van that is beautiful, reliable and unmatched, as it meets or exceeds "Certified" designation standards and includes a warranty.

If you're seeking an exceptional wheelchair van at an affordable price, you've now found it.

BIG 10 year Anniversary BONUS

I am grateful and blessed to now be in my 10th year with this business. Over the years a lot of people have told me that discovering they can buy a used wheelchair van in this price range that includes a warranty, brings peace of mind and shows that I believe in what I'm selling. This lead me to thinking that the bonus people would seem to appreciate most, is some extra warranty. And so for the next 10 vans sold, there will be a bonus of an additional 10 months or 10,000 miles of additional warranty. This will be added to the usual warranty.

Testimonials: to see videos of customers sharing about their van and experience, please click here.

For extensive information regarding our "Certified" program, please click here.

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